About Dr. Lynn Burmeister

"Family is important to me and helping you achieve this is my mission."

Welcome to my website. I am a Melbourne Fertility Specialist who provides best practice to help you achieve a pregnancy quickly. I have the highest degree for a fertility specialist called the CREI which is a 3 year degree that I completed after my training to become an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. I spent 2 years completing this degree at the World Renowned IVY League Cornell University studying and working with World Fertility Leader Professor Zev Rosenwaks.

I have opened a new Melbourne Fertility Clinic called No.1 Fertility in Melbourne. My focus is to provide Best Fertility Treatment at affordable costs. My philosophy is Number 1 Patient. I am a Doctor Owned Clinic providing best practice to my patients. My Number 1 Fertility Clinic has the best and latest technology with State of the Art Equipment with World Leading Scientists.
At Number 1 Fertility our mission is to get you pregnant quickly by providing expert treatment and Best Science.

I wish you all the best in your fertility journey,

Dr Lynn Burmeister

To make an appointment please phone +613 9421 1511.
Epworth Hospital
Level 8, Suite 8.1
89 Bridge Road
Richmond 3121

Telephone 9421 1511
Facsimile 9425 9793
Emergency Pager 9387 1000


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